Invasion 360 - AR Alien Invasion Game

Invasion 360 Augmented Reality Alien Invasion Game Experience the thrill of fighting off an alien invasion like never before! From flying saucers to aliens, stay alert and act fast, otherwise you may find yourself being taken by their beams. Invasion 360 is an Immersive Fast Paced Augmented Reality Game with Two Exciting Game Modes. Story mode: Read the video journals and push through the levels to face the dreaded admiral! Survival/Arcade mode: Fight through endless waves, choose between using human or alien weapons, and beat your high score! Collectibles: Unlock them by reading journals, reaching certain waves in survival mode, and more. The Shed: Here you can find all your collectibles and keep track of your high scores. Download Invasion 360 On The App Store! How To Play: Stand up and hold your phone straight whenever you start a game for a better experience! Use the crosshairs to aim and tap on the weapon to shoot. You must look around with your phone to find aliens and flying sau

Invasion 360 Released Today!

 Invasion 360 by Marco De Anda Released today, September 12th 2020 on the App Store